We are dedicated to making great software tools for various aspects of mathematical modelling, single and multi-objective optimization and multiple-criteria decision making.
What sets us apart?
We wish to reduce the gap between science and engineering and provide the end user with simple to use and efficient tools that can be used without or with very little expert knowledge.
Why is this important?
We believe that many scientifically proven concepts are not used in industry mainly because available software tools requires too much expert knowledge to be properly used.
Is this really possible?
We are confident that it is possible, and BRUTOMIZER is a great example.

Marko Kovačević, M.Sc.


With nearly 20 years of experience in IT industry, Marko is highly proficient in project management and various fields of software development, predominantly based on Microsoft technology stack. As a co-founder of Virtuode©, he has a goal to offer simple and efficient software tools for both scientific and business use to a broad spectrum of audience.

Miloš Madić, PhD

Chief Domain Expert

With over 100 published papers in international journals and conferences and over 250 citations, Miloš has established himself as an expert in areas of Design of Experiment (DoE), Regression Analysis, Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Evolutionary algorithms, Multiple-criteria decision making etc. He is an active member of an academic community, working as a professor at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Niš, and also as a reviewer in several SCI indexed international journals and a member of the organizing committee for several international conferences. As a co-founder of Virtuode©, he strives to incorporate his comprehensive domain knowledge into simple but effective software tools .

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