What We Do

We develop Windows desktop applications, tailor-made to fit your specific requirements.

If you need a reliable solution for automation of some aspect of your business, or you need an efficient implementation of some scientific method or algorithm, then choose Virtuode!

Desktop vs. Web and Mobile

Web and mobile development may be leading the latest development trends, but there are situations when desktop applications are superior:

Computationally Expensive Processes
Superior Access to Hardware
Capable of Running Offline
Faster development


You no longer need an expert for multi-objective optimization!


Search through ALL possible input values to obtain solution(s) that are GUARANTEED to be optimal.

Ideal for solving real engineering optimization problems, where inputs take values from discrete space, and are not continual.

Brutomizer 1.1
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BRUTOMIZER 1.1 on steroids!

BRUTOMIZER 2.0 has two options available:

Basic – all the features of BRUTOMIZER 1.1, but with improved performance and UI/UX.

Pro – includes 2D Pareto optimization.

Brutomizer 2.0
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Mass Email Sender

Mass Email Sender

Mass Email Sender makes it extremely easy to send hundreds of personalized emails.

Each recipient will get an email from your email address, as it was hand-written just for him (no other recipients in either cc or bcc of the email).

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